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01 Apr

Hello readers,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday! I want to apologize for the lack of new posts. I was on a family vacation for the past 10 days, driving from MN to TX and back!
It was really great to get out of The same routine for awhile, bond with my family, and see new places. However, my body wasn’t the happiest since we were constantly eating out, not so healthy foods.
I was overjoyed to be able to eat home cooked meals again yesterday. Since it was Easter my boyfriend and I decided to have a brunch together. He had bacon in the oven & whipped up an omelet with fresh veggies inside. I on the other hand was in charge of baking chocolate chip muffins from scratch.
We have made these muffins before, so I’m not sure what happened, but they came out looking like this!

Obviously we weren’t going to eat these because they were charred black in the bottoms. I must not have greased the pan well enough or the oven was too hot from cooking the bacon. Not sure exactly, but I will take the blame. They could have been tasty, the tops of them were anyways.
Today is a new day and I’m not quite sure what’s on the menu this week, but hopefully I will be cooking up tasty foods without failing the recipes. Enjoy your Monday and I will be posting soon.

Happy Cooking!

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