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No-Bake Homemade Cliff Bars

I absolutely love Cliff Bars and was so excited when I came across this recipe. What’s great about it is it gives you a base recipe and you’re able to substitute different nuts, fruits and also add in other ingredients.


We followed the directions pretty close, but when we cut the bars out of the pan and some of it turned to crumbs. Not close enough! In order to stay away from nuts, we used sun butter and must not have made enough “glue” for the bars.

Adding more Butter/Honey

We wanted to make sure we didn’t put it to waste, so we got creative and put the entire mix back into the bowl. We made more butter/honey mixture and made balls out of it instead – making sure it wouldn’t fall apart.

Cliff Balls

What do you think? I guess this reiterates the importance of following directions exactly while baking, or “non-baking” in this case.

I encourage you to try these out, there are a lot of recipes out there! They are cheaper and I think taste much better than store-bought Cliff Bars.

Happy Cooking!

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Birthday Cake


For my youngest sister’s birthday I drove down to my family’s place for the weekend and I was able to help decorate the cake. The theme for this party was a “pink poodle pool party.”
Last year I made the cake as well. I’ll try to dig out a picture of that one! But to show off my cake decorating skills, here is the calendar my mom did the baking and frosted it, so I basically did the fine “details.” It was very enjoyable, I recommend making your own cakes instead of purchasing them from the store.

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