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Back to reality

Hello readers,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday! I want to apologize for the lack of new posts. I was on a family vacation for the past 10 days, driving from MN to TX and back!
It was really great to get out of The same routine for awhile, bond with my family, and see new places. However, my body wasn’t the happiest since we were constantly eating out, not so healthy foods.
I was overjoyed to be able to eat home cooked meals again yesterday. Since it was Easter my boyfriend and I decided to have a brunch together. He had bacon in the oven & whipped up an omelet with fresh veggies inside. I on the other hand was in charge of baking chocolate chip muffins from scratch.
We have made these muffins before, so I’m not sure what happened, but they came out looking like this!

Obviously we weren’t going to eat these because they were charred black in the bottoms. I must not have greased the pan well enough or the oven was too hot from cooking the bacon. Not sure exactly, but I will take the blame. They could have been tasty, the tops of them were anyways.
Today is a new day and I’m not quite sure what’s on the menu this week, but hopefully I will be cooking up tasty foods without failing the recipes. Enjoy your Monday and I will be posting soon.

Happy Cooking!

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First successful Mac n’ Cheese!

We successfully made a homemade baked mac n’ cheese and I couldn’t be more excited. We have tried twice before, but for some reason it’s always very gritty and not comparable to my favorite restaurants’ versions.
Well last night we did most of it on the stove. Before we placed it in the oven, my boyfriend had the great idea of baking the breadcrumbs for a few seconds and then we placed it on top of the macaroni in a loaf pan.
I think it worked out great. It could have used a few more spices or vegetables to add more flavor. We used red peppers, broccoli, and some paprika. Next time I think we will try a spicier macaroni!


I give most credit to my better half on this meal.

Happy Monday!

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No-Bake Homemade Cliff Bars

I absolutely love Cliff Bars and was so excited when I came across this recipe. What’s great about it is it gives you a base recipe and you’re able to substitute different nuts, fruits and also add in other ingredients.


We followed the directions pretty close, but when we cut the bars out of the pan and some of it turned to crumbs. Not close enough! In order to stay away from nuts, we used sun butter and must not have made enough “glue” for the bars.

Adding more Butter/Honey

We wanted to make sure we didn’t put it to waste, so we got creative and put the entire mix back into the bowl. We made more butter/honey mixture and made balls out of it instead – making sure it wouldn’t fall apart.

Cliff Balls

What do you think? I guess this reiterates the importance of following directions exactly while baking, or “non-baking” in this case.

I encourage you to try these out, there are a lot of recipes out there! They are cheaper and I think taste much better than store-bought Cliff Bars.

Happy Cooking!

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First Slow Cooker Meal… Ever!

Yes, I have to admit I’m 23 and I have not yet invested in a slow cooker. My roommates luckily have one that I’m borrowing tonight. Ironically, when I came across this recipe they were having a contest on the website and giving away a really nice crockpot – I’m really hoping I win it so I can continue to make crockpot meals.

I found a recipe for BBQ Apricot Pulled Chicken and I couldn’t resist trying it out. I’m home sick for the day, and my boyfriend is taking a gamble and letting me cook something on my own. He is the cook between us, and I have a blog titled “failedcooking” for a reason. So let’s hope I’ve learned enough from him to not screw this up. I can’t let him down, especially if I ever want to become the stay-at-home housewife.

This recipe is pretty simple, as long as you know how to cut onions and measure out ingredients you will be just fine!

I also made up some of Bobby Flay’s Creamy Coleslaw to put on top of the pulled chicken. It should be a delicious combo. I have never had pulled chicken before, so I am hoping it will turn out!

…And he liked it! I was successful in creating my first slow cooker dish for my honey and it was pretty darn delicious. We usually eat spicy foods, but it was a nice change to have something sweeter.

I also made a salad with craisins, toasted walnuts, feta cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. That has to be my favorite salad ever!

Let’s just say I will be eating leftovers for a few days!

Thanks for following my blog!


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Major fail!

Lesson learned: do not walk away from the grill! I decided to take over preparing our dinner while my boyfriend was getting some things done around the house.
I placed green beans and some brats on the warm and toasty grill and walked away. Somewhere in the bak of my mind I knew that I was in charge of the grill, but I figured I could sit down and make a phone call inside the house.
I shouldn’t have left the grill… As it ended up flaming to pieces my brats and the green beans.
I was upset with myself and I hope that was a one time deal! I’m covered for life now.
Everyone, don’t follow in my foot steps, or just leave the grilling to the men!

Happy cooking!


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Stuffed Peppers


This was super easy and delicious! Stuffed green peppers (or whatever type you prefer) with a mixture of meat and veggies on the inside!
We mixed ground beef with black beans, corn, cheese, tomatoes, and green chili peppers.
I would recommend it for any summer night paired with an ice cold margarita.
Happy cooking!

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Morning Eggs… Failed.

This morning I finally got the energy to get to the grocery store & restocked my kitchen. I’m not a big eater, so I don’t buy much. It makes sense. This morning I went on a limb and bought some eggs thinking I should get some more protein in my diet. I get home, unload, and right away make myself some eggs for breakfast. I enjoy them sunny side up.

First fail, I crack an egg and I know you should always open them up in a separate bowl first, but I live on the edge and fail to take caution. With my luck it cracks open and along comes bits and pieces of the shell. I wasn’t quick enough to grab them so I had to waste an almost perfectly good egg.

Next eggs I crack open and yes, I failed once again. Forgetting to put Pam on the pan. Luckily us broke college students have two pans and I was able to quickly spray on the other pan and maneuver the eggs on the failed pan to the other pan and they were a bit jumbled up but they made it.

My favorite part of sunny side up eggs is when the yolk is not cooked and I can scoop it up with my toast. Oh, it is so delicious! My egg’s yolk was completely solid. All in all they tasted like eggs, however  the point of eggs is they are quick and easy. I was that person to mess up eggs.

Happy Wednesday!


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