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Stuffed Peppers


This was super easy and delicious! Stuffed green peppers (or whatever type you prefer) with a mixture of meat and veggies on the inside!
We mixed ground beef with black beans, corn, cheese, tomatoes, and green chili peppers.
I would recommend it for any summer night paired with an ice cold margarita.
Happy cooking!

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Morning Eggs… Failed.

This morning I finally got the energy to get to the grocery store & restocked my kitchen. I’m not a big eater, so I don’t buy much. It makes sense. This morning I went on a limb and bought some eggs thinking I should get some more protein in my diet. I get home, unload, and right away make myself some eggs for breakfast. I enjoy them sunny side up.

First fail, I crack an egg and I know you should always open them up in a separate bowl first, but I live on the edge and fail to take caution. With my luck it cracks open and along comes bits and pieces of the shell. I wasn’t quick enough to grab them so I had to waste an almost perfectly good egg.

Next eggs I crack open and yes, I failed once again. Forgetting to put Pam on the pan. Luckily us broke college students have two pans and I was able to quickly spray on the other pan and maneuver the eggs on the failed pan to the other pan and they were a bit jumbled up but they made it.

My favorite part of sunny side up eggs is when the yolk is not cooked and I can scoop it up with my toast. Oh, it is so delicious! My egg’s yolk was completely solid. All in all they tasted like eggs, however  the point of eggs is they are quick and easy. I was that person to mess up eggs.

Happy Wednesday!


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Rhubarb Cake


Tonight I decided to bake a cake, with a new ingredient: rhubarb. I don’t remember the last time I had rhubarb. But I’ve got a few plants growing in the yard so I may as well use them. My mom gave me the idea to make this, so I am hoping I really enjoy it!
After I used every dish and measuring instrument in the house, the cake is smelling and looking delicious. As I let it cool I will list the ingredients and how simple this cake was. If you’d like the recipe let me know.

Things you need:

Granulated sugar
Brown sugar
…hoping I’ve mentioned everything…
& some Rhubarb

It took me about 20 minutes to prep and mix all of it together and its baking and will be done in a total of 40 minutes.
I am thinking I didn’t fail miserably this time.
Two things I need to change:
1) our mixer’s beaters do not click into the mixer… I think we may have mixed them up or lost the matching ones. Therefore when I was trying to beat the ingredients it wasn’t quite working to my benefit. I changed it up and stirred with a whisk and spoon.
2) for the crumble topping it directed me to cut in the butter mixing it with a sugar mixture… well I didn’t see that i was supposed to use a fork so I had little chunks of butter covered in this mixture… as I’m looking as my cake there are a few droopy spots in the cake, and I’m assuming this misunderstanding caused that!

Always learning. Thanks for reading. Here is the final product! Enjoy.

By the way: the cake is good. I’m not sure if rhubarb is a tart fruit, but the cake is a bit tart. If that is how it is supposed to taste, then I’m a master at it.


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