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Rhubarb Cake


Tonight I decided to bake a cake, with a new ingredient: rhubarb. I don’t remember the last time I had rhubarb. But I’ve got a few plants growing in the yard so I may as well use them. My mom gave me the idea to make this, so I am hoping I really enjoy it!
After I used every dish and measuring instrument in the house, the cake is smelling and looking delicious. As I let it cool I will list the ingredients and how simple this cake was. If you’d like the recipe let me know.

Things you need:

Granulated sugar
Brown sugar
…hoping I’ve mentioned everything…
& some Rhubarb

It took me about 20 minutes to prep and mix all of it together and its baking and will be done in a total of 40 minutes.
I am thinking I didn’t fail miserably this time.
Two things I need to change:
1) our mixer’s beaters do not click into the mixer… I think we may have mixed them up or lost the matching ones. Therefore when I was trying to beat the ingredients it wasn’t quite working to my benefit. I changed it up and stirred with a whisk and spoon.
2) for the crumble topping it directed me to cut in the butter mixing it with a sugar mixture… well I didn’t see that i was supposed to use a fork so I had little chunks of butter covered in this mixture… as I’m looking as my cake there are a few droopy spots in the cake, and I’m assuming this misunderstanding caused that!

Always learning. Thanks for reading. Here is the final product! Enjoy.

By the way: the cake is good. I’m not sure if rhubarb is a tart fruit, but the cake is a bit tart. If that is how it is supposed to taste, then I’m a master at it.


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