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First successful Mac n’ Cheese!

We successfully made a homemade baked mac n’ cheese and I couldn’t be more excited. We have tried twice before, but for some reason it’s always very gritty and not comparable to my favorite restaurants’ versions.
Well last night we did most of it on the stove. Before we placed it in the oven, my boyfriend had the great idea of baking the breadcrumbs for a few seconds and then we placed it on top of the macaroni in a loaf pan.
I think it worked out great. It could have used a few more spices or vegetables to add more flavor. We used red peppers, broccoli, and some paprika. Next time I think we will try a spicier macaroni!


I give most credit to my better half on this meal.

Happy Monday!

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My first meatloaf experience

Tonight my boyfriend & I made meatloaf (for the first time ever) with lemon & garlic green beans and scalloped potatoes. Can you say delicious?


I was bargain shopping with coupons yesterday and spontaneously decided to start my Rachael Ray collection. My mom has orange, they didn’t have yellow so I decided to go with purple. I love her products, and her show!


Overall, my first meatloaf experience was a success. I would definitely eat it again.

Happy Cookings!

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First Slow Cooker Meal… Ever!

Yes, I have to admit I’m 23 and I have not yet invested in a slow cooker. My roommates luckily have one that I’m borrowing tonight. Ironically, when I came across this recipe they were having a contest on the website and giving away a really nice crockpot – I’m really hoping I win it so I can continue to make crockpot meals.

I found a recipe for BBQ Apricot Pulled Chicken and I couldn’t resist trying it out. I’m home sick for the day, and my boyfriend is taking a gamble and letting me cook something on my own. He is the cook between us, and I have a blog titled “failedcooking” for a reason. So let’s hope I’ve learned enough from him to not screw this up. I can’t let him down, especially if I ever want to become the stay-at-home housewife.

This recipe is pretty simple, as long as you know how to cut onions and measure out ingredients you will be just fine!

I also made up some of Bobby Flay’s Creamy Coleslaw to put on top of the pulled chicken. It should be a delicious combo. I have never had pulled chicken before, so I am hoping it will turn out!

…And he liked it! I was successful in creating my first slow cooker dish for my honey and it was pretty darn delicious. We usually eat spicy foods, but it was a nice change to have something sweeter.

I also made a salad with craisins, toasted walnuts, feta cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. That has to be my favorite salad ever!

Let’s just say I will be eating leftovers for a few days!

Thanks for following my blog!


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Stuffed Peppers


This was super easy and delicious! Stuffed green peppers (or whatever type you prefer) with a mixture of meat and veggies on the inside!
We mixed ground beef with black beans, corn, cheese, tomatoes, and green chili peppers.
I would recommend it for any summer night paired with an ice cold margarita.
Happy cooking!

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Never step away from the stove


Well, I learned quickly tonight that you shouldn’t turn your back on the stove when its on. I went to cut my tomato slices and the slice of bread missing was charcoal black. I tossed it out before I thought of sharing this experience with you. This is not the first time I’ve done this, yet I find myself in this situation every time thinking ill learn for next time.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Rice Bake for dinner


Here is my supper I engulfed tonight before rushing to a work meeting.
Rice with black beans, white beans, corn and sour cream mixed together. I forgot to defrost the chicken, so I baked that separately.
Which I have to add… I don’t know how to use a George foreman grill because the chicken turned into jerky.
Taste was pretty good. I would have liked to add tomatoes, peppers, onions, and olives as well.
It was a fail…

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